We’ve Stepped Up Our Orgone

Wholeness! Check out these powerful Orgone devices at Secret Energy!

Orgone is a powerful ally in propelling consciousness and while there are many standard types of Orgone we have taken it several steps further by creating Orgone that are specifically for energetic enhancement, environmental harmonization, and astral communication. Injoy!

Oregonite Generator


is designed as an alternative organic energy source.Using the properties of piezoelectricity and a perfect combination of elements the Generator emits a high orgone field. CLICK HERE for more details.


Allows the user to interface with the astral fields that are embedded in the natural planetary structure. It clears and harmonizes the energetic field of the environment. CLICK HERE for more details.

Pi Resonance Capacitor

Orgone Alternator

Orgonite Alternator

is a harmonizing and balancing device. It syncs with the dual energetic poles and brings them in to balance hence its design. This unit is packed with a powerful synergistic crystal and mineral blend. CLICK HERE for more details.

Astral Energy Regulator

is calibrated for balancing energetic fields beyond the physical envelope. It is a synergistic configuration of Meteorites and double terminated Tibetan Quartz, Energetic Coils, and Crystal Fusion. CLICK HERE for more details.

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