The Sphere – How Fear Came Into Existence and How To Remove it


I wanted to let everyone know the major advancements that have been made since I personally decided to accept what may be the worst case scenario and began preparation for that. Then of course if these activities are thwarted by higher forces, than I have only made myself stronger so there can be no loss. If one just sits around and does nothing while expecting someone of something else to handle it, then they have not innerstood the Sphere of Fear and the lesson it has to teach.

It was rough at first, not just to ingest the information but to also be the one to bring the information to the esoteric community at large. For about 3 nights after I totally put things together I had very strange sleep, not so much as nightmares but my body was extremely anxious. It was still calculating the ramifications of what had been discovered. It was adjusting all the information learned to date and things were fitting into place like a pre-packed Lego set. It was ciphering new words for deeper meanings.

The days following were accompanied with major breakthroughs in knowledge and applications in regards to what to do. Also there came many reasons in regards to why it is necessary for people to get in gear. Time draws nigh. I will itemize that now to show you how the mind works and how it accepts the prison that has been created for it through what is called institutionalization. This of course leads to how to break out of the physical prison.

Let us first imagine very complex information as a very heavy weight. Lifting such weights gives strength to the mind/body/and soul as long as one does not collapse under the weight. This is also why many are here to “spot” you or hold part of the weight until you can do it yourself. Then it becomes light and you can then “spot” others.

It is a fact that many are looking for simple answers to the situation. Nothing can be more misdirective. There are at least two major reasons why once we finally recovered a great deal of the information it would not be really possible for it to be all positive. Unless of course you have become a master at changing your perspectives at will. This will be an important tool on the Path.

The first reason the answer to our situation would not be simple is we are not simple Beings. We are very complex and our entire living structure shows so much thought and ingenious has been put into it you would have to seriously begin to access the records, instructions, and knowledge available on earth to begin to comprehend it. This is why we have the internet. This woman Earth is not simple so do not perceive her to be as such.

For sure there is a frequency broadcasting around the world keeping people in denial. If they hear anything that steers too far from their normal false teachings they immediately freeze up and go in to standby mode. This is in great part due to their mind/body/soul not even having the energy to process the information so don’t get frustrated. Everything is using there energy except them. The kids, job, husband/wife, etc.

When people hear very complex things these days because they loath being taught they definitely do not want to got back to school. They were rushing to get out of there in the first place. In addition it takes more of an alkaline body, which is natural in many, for things to make sense as the thoughts must “fire” to different regions of the mind, connect with other things the person has stored, and then come to a conclusion. Again most don’t have the energy for this.

Lastly we should naturally know, just like an investigator, if you are following a trail of blood it will eventually lead you to a mutilated body, not a paradise. So it is the same thing here, we have been on the trail of who is causing all the wars, who is trapping us in this limited potential even though we 100% know we have this ability to activate, who is hurting the children with Uranium, who is screwing with our lives?! So now we have reached the answer, this is what they did not what they wanted you to know.

Many times when going through occult works I would stumble across information that was very deep but still I would always say “this is still not enough to have such an elaborate system of hiding things”. Meaning the information was just not that valuable to basically suppress the whole Earth from discovering it.

Accepting this has made me even stronger, we have gone at least one step beyond what the “controllers” expected. This information has been naturally protected because few want to risk revealing it. They are concerned about facing rejection from their elders, peers, and pupils alike more than any alien threat. It is a good thing that I’m not here to just satisfy people, I’m here for the Truth personally so I can know how to carry on my existence and I have promised if I found that truth I would let as many people know as I could.

In addition as I spoke of above there appears to be a frequency broadcasting that tells a person “that is not true”. This goes for anything near the truth. It started hitting me the other day when I was driving down the road. They must have turned the device right on me as they know I’m immune to “Bliss”. I started thinking, or they had me thinking I should say, “is this really real”?

Right then a commercial came on the radio and this is what it said. “Are you young talented and outgoing? Do you work great with people and have a unique way of communicating? We are looking for smart, ambitious people with amazing charisma to join our……..drum roll……..sports book company!” So there you have it, they are asking for the best of the best and our most talented to basically call people around the world to ask them if they want to gamble.

That settles it once more. Something very off is going on here, these people think something good is happening but things are getting worse as now the human race capitalizes on itself, degrading itself and its citizens, children etc. We have found out the reason. It is because people are getting more and more toxic and they are going to crash this sphere into a lower one if they don’t clean themselves up.

This makes the people the final cause to the situation not getting fixed, not the cause to how the situation got started. That is very important to distinguish. The collective frequency of the people is making this Sphere denser and denser. I will explain.

This is just like early in the morning. You are in the bed but you have to get up. The normal feeling which occurs is the body wants to get a little more sleep. First you should already know if we did not have bodies we would not need to sleep. It is the Flesh Body that needs to rest which is why you need less sleep the more the body gets tuned and in shape. Think Gem/Gym your Crystal.

While you are sleep you are in the world closest to your natural habitat so of course the mind/body/soul does not want to wake up. The mind is immersed in a much more entrained world, although many do not remember. The body is being pushed all the time in this physical life so it remains tired in most cases and is being deprived of sleep. The soul itself is also tired of the fake waking reality and is starving for pure energy that it can actually grow from rather than be poisoned by. All this spells “stay asleep”. This is what’s happening on a deeper level.

Despite one has to physically wake up to go to work, school, etc they remain sleep on a deeper level. The body may be awake but the mind and soul is still in standby mode. This gets to the meat of what must be discussed now. We are inside a Sphere with a toxic Atmosphere (at most fear) because it is saturated with dense Beings not willing to raise up. The lower vibration of fear has permeated just about everything.


Now a simple answer. 🙂 What is outside the bubble? I remember a movie about a boy in a bubble. He was so sensitive to everything that if he happened to ever come out of the bubble he would die, so he was told. This is exactly what is happening now. People are so sensitive, so used to having it all explained for them and then shown to them. So used to the comfortably that has been brought about through domestication, they fear the unknown outside the bubble.

They have lost the adventurous personality they used to have as a child and they have accepted this whole experience as their last one. In this state they keep coming back because they have not pushed beyond the norm to discover anything really beyond this dimension. Society has attempted to break us from our ideas of discovering what is new and in many cases they have succeeded. However, as Souls this is simply not how we are.

When you come into this world as a child you are an explorer. We have seen it and we have been it. You have such a desire to go on treasure hunts, find secret caves, discover strange things, fight off evil. All of childhood is filled with this until society moves in and begins to “break” the new Being. This was devised more heavily in Germany during and after the world war. A way to get control over the minds of the people by starting with their children.

One or two generations would pass and then the most diabolical things could happen because there would be virtually nobody to stop it as the brainwashed children become adults. Then by the time the person is in their 20’s they have fear of breaking the law, fear of being poor, fear of not being accepted etc. But as a child none of that stuff mattered whatsoever so you were lite, carefree, and fearless.

This leads us to the solution to fear. To remember the times when you did not have it. To contact the inner child which is more daring than the reigned adult. To once again embark on missions to discover new expanses to allow consciousness to flow into. The world is in desperate need for these type of people as we have some challenges that must be overcome. We are running out of “physical” room in this bubble and that is subconsciously leading any person with common sense with the notion that such things will eventually lead to a big problem. If not for there own selves then for their children or grand children.

It then makes one ask “what did the world do the last time it got in this situation” and the answers don’t look very promising as when things got crowded last time, the solution became depopulation. I still believe groups of  people, such as those they have found the remains of everything they have but not the people themselves, have already discovered how to do what we are on the brink of discovering right at this very moment. This is how to travel using the Soul to other planes free of fear.

In discovering those planes the fear on earth will lessen and the negative Beings in service to the controllers will have no place as they cannot remain in this new frequency. This will manifest as people simply not being concerned about the negative Beings anymore because they will be powerless. The people will have the power and because of the recent lesson, they will know how to use it. Anyone misusing power will have the majority to deal with so they will not go unchecked.

Let us also keep in mind the use of power is more of a big lesson that has to be learned. A great deal of misuse has occurred due to improper training. Once the training is corrected power will be used in conservation to only what it is need for. Imagine how much energy has been wasted on this dimension and what it would be like if it went into building things up, rather than blowing things up and tearing things down.

Nobody will even pay attention to the lower forms, save to guide them also, because they are not in control and never have been. The controllers will flee as they always have. Let it be clear their armies of dummed down mind controlled god worshiping drones are the controllers only power. When that is removed they have no life force as a vampire is dependent upon the host and when there is no host they dissipate, always remember that.

Right now however the negative Beings are terrorizing our world and it must not be allowed to continue. The more response with courage and strength to this situation that has been laid out the more the tides turn in humanities favor.


The physical environment will change as confusion is put to pasture and clarity moves in. People will follow those that are brave and gain courage themselves vanquishing the fear frequency. The mental environment will change as people will gain more expansive imagination first, overcoming the fear and then unlocking their inventive imagination to repair amnesia and remember what they came to do and contribute. The whole spiritual paradigm will change as we gain control over this reality and allow ourselves to be once more united in the essence that we all came from Earth at some segment so thus we are all family. Then we will enter the universal community.

This is not an assumption this will happen just as sure as you are sitting in front of the computer or smart phone reading this. I know how these lower life forms operate now. I know how they are trying to keep us as people in confusion. I know a small few compared to the majority have allowed greed to keep this going, but its coming to a close. If I don’t do it completely while living in this world, I will finish it when I come out of this body permanently and there will be many with me because I have already connected to those people and they are right here with me now, The Resistance and Secret Energy, and we continue to grow daily on the material and the astral. We want Earth fixed so we have made the decision to do it ourselves. No more waiting.

In times past the courage of man and woman has been called upon. Often this has been for the wrong reason. You can only imagine when a small village knew the roman legion was on the way and how they may have felt, especially the soldiers. However in many of those small villages those Romans got more than they bargained for and had to flee. It was because of the Spirit of the People. Sword cannot cut through it, so they had to build a more decisive trap for those kind of people. One that uses a persons own energy to wear them down, this is fear. We have now discovered that device, the pentagram, how it works and how to overcome it.

Keep in mind the Pen is more powerful than the sword and it uses our energy against us. How it does this is through our laziness and suggestive programming. This body in this design basically allows us to interface and be interfaced with. This has so far worked as a disadvantage as the consciousness of the masses is dull and effects everyone on this Planet. Right now the Planet is afraid because it has been misinformed and lied to and it knows it. I mean take a look at the constitution, is there one truth there? However, when you start throwing charged up people reeking with the truth coming out of them like orgone in with the batch, things start to change really fast, like the 100th monkey.

Here is what you should know. The Sphere is shaped like a Dodecahedron. It is around the body and around the Earth too. This is why the Dodecahedron can make all other Pythagorean shapes, because it can be effected and can effect all shapes. Use this to your advantage and remember, you are not only the body, it is a vehicle but you have to take care of what you ride in.

Now that I know the problem, I know the real solution. One cannot come before the other, the two never appear without the other somewhere close. I also wanted to put some things here below that I wrote on other forums about this situation so everyone can see clear in real time were consciousness is and were it needs to be and how to respond to those that have been diluted somewhat with authority. When you show strength it creates that within the person, if you show that you are unsure and waver then you are sending mixed signals. Stay focused lasers not elephant guns.

Response to one person in denial on another site:

As you can see it will be somewhat of an uphill battle from here, however,  it is a good thing we can fly and handle this from a much better vantage point. This is why I have released this information because the people I have to live on this dimension with have been incepted and its totally lame everyday to see these people and not do anything about it or for them.

I know for sure this problem can be fixed by those who are equipped to do as such. The Resistance and now Secret Energy will not be like other factions trying to save their reputation and membership count so they deliver only teddy bears and rainbows. These people need to step it up and get really activated, not just in the mind they need to fix their dense bodies and souls which will require application to the Mind – Body – Soul. Not just one or two of these but all of them to gain balance.

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