The Path of the Real Adept pt II

Now the mysteries begin as I’m sure many were like “when is he going to get into the esoteric nature of all of this”, well here it comes.

As they say about the Goddess she chooses her mate and once she has chosen then the one who has been chosen cannot refuse. A dark ominous tone generally fills the room after these words are pronounced. I suppose this is what happens when you let people filled with fear interpret the ancient knowledge. This is referring to when the male ejaculates into the woman only one, if any, of the sperm will actually enter the ovum. All the others will perish, this is a fact. So in a sense only one is chosen. Everyone here in this world has already been chosen to enjoy life. We are all the Chosen Ones.


This brings us to something else that is very important. Many men right now are wondering why they have no clear dream recall, no energy, often sick, can’t think clear, can’t focus, feel like the glass is half empty etc. Likewise some woman are wondering why they also feel these symptoms. The mystery is it has everything to do with the male wasting his Semen. This is why in the Bible the first male that wasted his Semen was destroyed immediately as an example that when you destroy and discard your Semen you are truly doing it to yourself and your lineage.

You must learn to cycle them up through the body out of the root chakra which is the land of Saturn who is Brahma and who most are now calling Abraham. When they remain locked in the base of the spine likewise your consciousness basically remains locked in the base of your spine too, or hell-like state. You have very little currency because you have no current or circulation. You must raise them to the more lofty regions or Chakras and then you will experience the corresponding change in your life. This is very deep knowledge and will determine whether you make it or not so take it very serious. Any real teacher will walk the Path with his or her students, I’m telling you clearly we are now about to raise the ship, we are starting at level one. I would also like to make a point, they say Jesus was like Man but without sin, then that would mean he was not like man, period. So any true Messiah lives through the sin and then shows how to dissolve it.

Women who are with a man who spills his Semen carelessly inherits his weakness through kinetics, ever watched a weak man and see how it makes you feel after? The two basically drag down each other. He has no energy thus he cannot transfer energy to her through Shakti contact. The two thus enter a vampiric relationship in which the female drains the male of his seeds and then places them on infertile ground in which they die. This gesture is the atrocity of this Planet, its real Qlipoth. The Seed should never be released unless it is to make a child, a man can have even greater sexual pleasures if he learns the secret to cycling his Semen. Also when a male has strengthened himself through these techniques and then chooses to have a child this child will not be like the normal offspring of weak men, this is a fact. The baby will come out with endowed intelligence and intellect.


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Here is another mystery revealed. Many are asking what is truly to come next in our advancement through consciousness. I can tell you at some point we will not only be able to create Worlds which we can do now as each person is a world, we will be able to manage them properly thus becoming the Higher Beings that we so reverently speak of that are assisting. I have even asked where would the inhabitants for these Worlds we create come from? The answer was from within, we create inhabitants all the time they are called Semen.

For males once they connect with their other feminine half through the divine wedding they then can move their “Beings” into the new spheres that have been prepared. A boy thinks of himself, a man thinks of his entire lineage but if you did not notice that is a feminine trait. It is the mother that considers all of life most. For Females they are also new worlds, so if we do not assist her in preserving the Worlds our seeds will live in, they may be barren. A Woman is a world, a world is a Ship, we are flying through space people and more fleets are being added at every moment. The Seeds of the Male are fuel for the Ships or else they would not move. In this sense moving would be life, if the Ship has no life it has no fuel. Let us take a moment to imagine Earth with no living beings on it. At that point it ceases to become Earth. The Creation is much more expansive than most have been letting on. We all have a place far beyond our Earthly desires but we must innerstand each other and fulfill each other, not forsake each other.

The hidden symbolism is when a man marries a woman before he kisses her he must first unveil her. Do not pay attention to how weddings go in this currently confused world (Kardashian) to determine the truth behind the gesture, just pay close attention to the symbolism. Until man innerstands woman and the true meaning of her existence he remains veiled, this also works for in reverse because many women do not innerstand what it means to hold that title while they struggle to become more manly which man is showing a bad example of also. The blind leading the blind.

When they fully innerstand each other by what I’m explaining in this post the world becomes unveiled. As it says “I AM Isis and no mortal has lifted my veil”. This means once you innerstand the mysteries of woman you cease to die and truly begin to live in the immortal state of consciousness. Human beings are immortal anyway but they do not live life believing they are and this is why they think they die when in actuality they just transmute.

There is a great deal more to add to this as we have now lifted the veil and solved evil. Anything that we are unaware or unsure of begins to manifest as a fear. This is why the Code to the Matrix was designed to make one question everything so they could look over things that they may have skipped in thinking they are true when in fact they may be false or important when they are truly unimportant. Also the Innerversity Courses were created to train the mind how to do such things, the content itself was timed for that level of understanding and now Wholeness awaits. Neutralize your fear and make your enemies your dancing partners surely they cannot withstand a dance with Kundalini.

On Earth we see everything as dual and this is how we have learned but I come to tell you we are at the point of moving beyond this and humanity is rapidly discovering that when we can rid ourselves of the phantoms of the negative things we created through misunderstanding then we shall pass. Just by what is explained in this post you can see how if something meant to be symbolic is explained on an external level then it sends a ripple effect of illusion across the dimension. To me this is the real deluge, when the mind, body, and soul are drowned in the abyss of consciousness unable to find its way, but alas a beacon appears and several Ships await. Meet me on the bridge of your Consciousness.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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