Exposing the Aristocracy

We have to learn to read between the lines if we expect to learn anything from these scourges of the Earth.

1. Athanasius was a Jesuit so the Jesuits have storehouses of ancient knowledge taken from other ancient cultures or composed by the missionaries in the field. Hence the 5 mile library underneath the Vatican.

2. All of Athanasius work which later became the foundation of many Secret Societies including the Golden Dawn was taken from ancient cultures, primarily Kemetian and then altered to fit their fashion and agenda.

3. They admit their recognition of the power and secrets contained within the Kemetian writings and culture especially those pertaining to “Cosmic Truths and Hermetic Laws” yet the populace at large remain ignorant to such revelations.

Those same truths due to their potency were then turned upside down and utilized to enslave humanity via spells of a level of power that most are perplexed in attempting to decipher and are encouraged to never have a connection with. (Nature/Neter)

I recently spoke with a former member of the site that became an RC after years of “Resisting”. He just had to know if they contained any real secrets and would not heed my advice in steadfastly pursuing true gnosticism to divine the truth. While he got no closer once initiated he was able with his unwavering persistence to get an elder RC to confess to him the source of their power. He said that the Order had taken and preserved all the tones and vibrations of the Ancient Egyptians and armed with those tones the could cause strange phenomena to occur.

Looking now in to present times I find our world lost. The ancient laws and cultures have been stolen from the people and replaced with external technologies designed to mimic our internal powers and abilities. We have been brainwashed in to believing that the most arcane symbolism has its origins with a group calling themselves illuminated when in fact they have stolen the children of the worlds birthright and grafted themselves on to the Tree of Life as a vine choking the life from it.

These same people brought you the false Christ and all religions with a dying man so you can fall down and worship the death of our courage and protection. The death of the divine masculine which dwells in male and female alike.

When you not only know but feel what is happening you can awake from your spell. Love spells cast on you to make you admire your oppressor. Spells of confusion that make you war with your Brother and Sister but leave your tyrant unscathed.

What is life if it must be conducted as such? Do we not see that true death is to remain inactive about these facts? Do we not see that we are not actually living now if our very power, which is Kundalini, lies dormant, sickened, and neglected in the base of our Spirit?

Our rise must and will be quick and swift. We will reactivate the Supreme and Unique Being within to recall our strength and ability while we retake our ordained position as Sovereigns of the Cosmos. I will take back my language and my symbols and draw my energy back from those that have fleeced it from me. So it be written, let it be done!

Clear proofs Pythagorus attempted to stylize himself as the Sphinx (Her Em Akhet) and Imhotep in order to lay claim to a legacy of divine innerstanding.



Clear proofs that Pythagorus aka Apollonius of Tyana was Jesus the antichrist or anti Kundalini.


Clear proofs that the allegiance to this perpetrated lie has been spread across the globe with leaders of other societies agreeing to conduct this heresy on their people in order for be favored by aristocracy.


Demi Gods, Angels & Activated Humans

Proof Christ Was Really Kundalini

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