Energetic Banking 101: Internal Currency

The concept of internal currency is not new to many, and they are aware that just as we use fiat bills/coins and credit cards as devices to ‘make the world go around,’ that there is also a tangible internal system of currency of our bodies that makes our personal world go around. However, I’d like to use this opportunity to help people integrate this idea to the same depth to that of the externalized money we’re all too aware of.

Even if we are not so acutely aware of the resemblance between our external currency and internal currency, it is still often referenced in statements like ‘I don’t feel like it, I’m tired,’ or something to that effect. There’s truly a very thin line between the two, and all the aspects of our external currency run parallel with our internal currency.

In fact, most of the terminology and concepts used by our externalized currency system were plagiarized by those who already understood how the internal currency system works as we will be deconstructing some of the language used here to make the connections.

When most of us were of a certain age we all learned how to manage our money. It may have been through a mentor-ship or our own trial and error, but it is pretty universally a staple of adulthood. However, beyond subtle hint and metaphor nobody has really made us aware that an internal system of current exists let alone the importance of how to properly manage it.
So what is internal currency made of?

It is the electrical & electromagnetic, chemical/hormonal nature of the body, neurotransmitters & neuropeptides, cerebrospinal fluids, and more subtle fields of energetic forces such as prana, the yin, yang, shen, jing, and so forth.

The stuff of good health.

Primary to all the aforementioned is the prana, also known as chi, manna, or life force. When we eat, we are doing so in order to acquire the life force from our food; not so much the nutrients as they can be manufactured secondarily from the life force itself once the body has been properly modified to do so. However, above all other chemical components the body requires, it is the life force that is most important for its continued existence.


The first concept we’ll introduce in our internal currency system is the bank account. Our energetic reserves that we hold in a measurable, quantifiable ‘a-count’ of our life force. Even the term ‘bank’ was used as it is synonymous with the sides of a river, the planet’s natural veins of currents.

Next, it is most important to begin to recognize every single thought, action, and consumption as either a withdrawal or deposit to the bank account.

In order to experience the depth of this concept, remember how you think when you are deciding whether or not to make a purchase with your money. If you know you only have $20 you may think very carefully about what exactly you need that money for and how to stretch it to its greatest use. That same discretion should be applied to what ideas we allow our mind to inhabit as some ideas are certainly more costly/fatiguing than others while other ideas are rewarding/inspiring adding to our energetic reserves.

For instance… imagine you just bought a lottery ticket and after scratching it, you realize you’ve won ten million dollars. Would not the very idea itself stimulate you through the roof into an uncontrollable frenzy? On the other hand, if you worked where you had a large pile of reports to complete and after a few hours when you finished someone came along and plopped an even larger pile on your desk would you not instantly feel tired and deflated?

Those are two examples of the extremes, but more often people are dealing with less potent negative ideas that chip away at our energy in less noticeable increments such as gossip, narcissism, or pessimism.
If we begin to quantify the energetic exchange of every thought, it follows that we begin to be more selective in our purchases.

Likewise, every action and consumption follows the same rules. Are we engaging in enough activities to keep our accounts full such as Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, full restful sleep, sensory deprivation, sun gazing, earthing, creative expressions, spending time in natural environments, or spending time with people who inspire us?

We may spend time with certain individuals out of a sense of obligation while we know their personalities are a drain on us. Imagine if our physical money reflected this and we had to spend $200 every time we visited these people? You probably wouldn’t continue hanging around them too much longer or you’d at least manage those visits more strategically.

 What are we putting in our mouth? Are we eating a dead decaying carcass or a living plant? What are we drinking? What is the quality of the air we’re breathing? Are we taking short, shallow breaths or deep ones charged with life force? What are we consuming with our eyes or ears or through the pores in our skin?

Food is an interesting subject in the internal currency system as it typically bears both qualities of withdrawing & depositing at the same time. However, whether it pays out or leaves us in the negative depends on the food itself and the circumstances within us when we consume it.

For instance, you can get a nice boost to your bank account with a cucumber, but ten pounds of cucumbers would probably have the opposite effect due to the energetic burden of breaking down such a fibrous mass. Certain foods do not combine well, and may create an energetically taxing situation in one or more of the organs.

Many turn to stimulants such as coffee for a quick boost to their account. Though coffee is like a quick loan that kills you on the interest rate when it’s time to pay it back. You get $20 now from the caffeine, but it’s acidic nature is leaching conductive minerals from your body causing you to pay back $200 after an hour or so.

Money was first invented to remove humanity’s understanding of the laws regarding our natural internal system of currency as explained here. It attempted to redirect our focus for procuring abundance into the externalized relics of the coin (cohen=priest, cain, con), bill (another reference to the horned god), and now the chip as money (moon-E[nergy]/sin).

You can’t buy the internal upgrades to your consciousness with these worthless materials. Those can only be cultivated with the accumulations toward one’s internal energetic reserves.

Also, one’s internal bank account will reflect their external one as those with internal riches magnetically attract abundance on all levels in accordance with the necessities of their will.

Those whose evil deeds are responsible for their many riches have an inverted internal currency known in the occult as the ‘black light.’ Which is why all their symbols come inverted from their natural forms. This is certainly not something to be admired as it is truly their burden and we have so much more available to us.

If we root the same principals we are already familiar with and already apply to our external system of money to our internal current, the results will bear fruit very quickly.

Written By Kyle Jodoin @ medium.com

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