Deprogramming Draconian Mind Control

A WORD doesn’t become a WOR(L)D until you add an EL.


This is the making of an External God. As it states in the Bible in Psalms 82:6, “I tell you ye are Gods and all of you are children of the Most High.” How many more times does one need to be told that they have within themselves what is necessary to rise above all of these ideas of scarcity and lack of power which breeds control and domestication? However, what are you rising from? Where are you going? What is there, and who will be with you? These questions will need to be answered by the Adept.

Since the proclaimed beginning of this current segment which man and woman have found their Spirits encased in physical bodies, most have been in constant service to the gods. This can no longer be overlooked and imagined not to be so. There has been a constant track record to prove that just about all instructions, guidance, cultures, molds of life, and even languages themselves have been passed down from graduated Life Forms. These advanced Life Forms contain also in their core the same thing we have within ourselves. The is a Spirit which finds its original generation from the Creator. This Spirit is called the Unbegotten because no one can decipher its origin or composition.


In the Bible, there is a constant reference to Arks. As it states Noah was told to gather all the creatures in the Ark in pairs. As a child that story may suffice but as an adult one canít be silly enough to believe all the animals in the world were squeezed into a wooden boat in pairs. But one should not discredit the story altogether. It appears there are several Arks and Archives that hold knowledge of great proportions and vast intellect along with their application. This is actually a command given to the gathering of DNA.

So Genesis is what it is, the Generations or Genes of Isis who are Veiled. The Veil of Isis means the barrier that keeps one hidden from the real world, it keeps one in the Garden secluded and away from everything else, in secret they operate the Secret Garden. Isis as Venus is the consort of many gods and thus, she has spawned many generations with the gods producing many beings that are in fact part serpent because Venus is a serpent Queen/dragon Queen. She is INANNA keepers of the MES of a great deal of Names/Manes/Amens. Secret Energy will continuously pull off those veils, as the word veil is an anagram for evil.

It can now be proven that this current flesh or Adom is an organic vehicle constructed by beings called gods to allow the Spirit inhabitant of the vehicle to traverse this plane called 3D under the limitations of the body. The body features 5 major shapes in its core geometry. An Orb, A Triangle, A Square, a Pentagon, and a Hexagon. All but the Orb itself are simply more complex triangles.

There is a hidden mystery here. If one becomes fully convinced that they are the body, which is the side-effect of looking into the mirror or looking glass for too long, they actually begin to believe they are only flesh. The Spirit inside of the body is so mystical and original again, it cannot be dated or even comprehended in its totality.

When one realizes the play and escapes the false pretenses and dominations of the body and mind they become activated Spiritual Beings. Spirits are globules of etheric sensors of great pleasure and perception, capable of the perpetual orgasm. They then inherit the persona of the Creator which is Immortal, Timeless, Perfect in every way as they have become aware of who they are as there is no separation between Us and the Creator, except the gods and lords that attempt to put themselves in between. It’s that simple, now We will show you how it has been made complex.

We call this the top of the net. You have discovered the mystery and are at the top of the net in the Matrix. Now you await passing through into total consciousness as you have already begun to venture out through Lucid Sleep, Vision, and Dream. The higher planes are destined to be your primary reality and you now have sampled total emancipation. Your thought may even be at times “When is the wall going to open and the portal await me”. Many are yet to figure out it is available to open inside of them. There is, of course, a little more to do, that is the only reason you are here.

Life is very active. I can tell you now, once you pass through you are again surrounded by individuals but this time, it will be much different. Those you exchange with are awake and aware. They are living life while what lies below are the sleepers or masses that make up the foundations principalities stand upon. From the view of man do not know to care. Life comes in levels, with each level separated by a buffer that allows one not to cross into the others world although they are both visible to each other. This is the void said to separate dimensions. Although one may be heavily instructed each will have crossed it on their own.

You see Principalities and Rulers sometimes on T.V. such as the Queen of England and the Pope. However, this does not mean you can go and talk to them or should I say, it. They exist on another level minus the argument if that level is lower or higher. It is obvious the maddened dreamer who is fed up with oppression would say he or she is lower. The realist, however, would immediately recognize them as currently higher and would then go into action on finding a way to rise above them. They are mere Emperors or Lords of Imps so surely there is much higher.

This takes a sober estimate of self, not being puffed up with pride. Look at the dedication of one who wins world medals, then innerstand when you do that with your mind what it will equal.

To see the currently hidden, One must be real and at least sleep walking, but not sleep. One thing that has become clear and has been documented in all religious circles is that of the involvement of the Nepheru, also called Neters, Elohim, Nephalim etc. These beings have been reported time and again as assuming human form. These forms are sometimes a little greater in stature than the current edition of the human. They are Time Lords that comprehend navigation of 4D and have even set up certain locales and waypoint within it. These beings are accompanied with special powers. More simply, chakras turned on. Let it also be clear the Chakra is a unit of the Spirit, not the body, the body has Organs and they can work abilities through sound.


In my personal interactions with gods, who are in most cases just as separated from the Most High in likelihood and demeanor than an unconscious person to a conscious person. I have been able to prove many things based on fact and experience, not just books.

Knowing is simply not enough it is just the beginning. Many things that will be presented here are very obvious and right in the face. It may be of value to look at oneself when this is over and ask, “why did I not see that, it was right in front of my face?” The Seeker is always having these moments. It is then you will discover that it is not that you did not see it, it is something else that gauges when it is time that you are ready to see it.

This dossier develops your inability to see what is right in front of you. This has been put together to lift the veil off many. There will be decisions to make and one must not ignore making those decisions because the time is upon Us. Mankind has bought time with the same money that is now becoming worthless. They have grossly miscalculated how much time the human race can exist if the ideas of this current regime come to fruition. Earth cannot continue as an unconscious warship.

Venusian Worship in China

The God of the Bible who is YHVH or YHWH, JeHoVaH, called also, JOVE, known by the Greeks as ZUES who is ISUS even has Saturn or SATAN in his retinue because they are all into the same thing, they all sprang forth from the same tree, and there is something above them on an entirely different level that they are in constant awe of.


The confusion ensues amongst the beings themselves as they are sons of an already quarrelsome father god. This is the nucleus behind the Orion Wars. Sons of gods are called Baals which is synonymous for Lords in English. Since the Baals are always fighting and proclaiming each other great over the other, like Joseph’s brothers, such situations ensue when one begins to re-edit the main work which they all document their legacy in. This is, of course, the Bible. ‘His’ story. Not yours per say. It begins as such.

In Ephesians 6:12 Jesus exclaims they are in a war not with flesh and blood, meaning the general inactivated humans can do nothing about it. The contest and war is amongst Principalities and Rulers, etc. So they want you to join in a war that a standard sleeper is not equipped to even comprehend. I will show these two sides are basically brothers who now have become serpent brothers if they weren’t already, warring against each other. These warring brother are the same; Al and An, Enlil and Enki, Cain and Abel, Israel and Ishmael, Jesus and Lucifer etc. Neither side is good the reward is greater control and part of the booty is the unconscious humans.

The Terra Papers

Statements are made as such.

‘I am the Lord and there is none else’!?

Isaiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.”

Again this is the confusion and it continues.

Psalms 5: 4 For thou (art), not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness neither shall evil dwell with thee. (?)

In order to create evil, it has to be inside of you, but this scripture says there is no part of this that exist with the god of the bible. This is truth and lies mixed together. But the god of the Bible says He is not the author of confusion, but as you will see later He causes great confusion to the species of Man.

I have hundreds of such contradictions but there are some that are far more important than others. The constant contradictions are ignored by the believers putting them into further states of sleep. The whole book in itself is a mind job of great proportions and should be considered as such. Prophecy is a plan to profit.

The idea is to re-write the future and the past so people can alter their true inherent beliefs of what they really are. The character Jesus is alive as a free reigning thought form now, but it should be clear that he never physically walked the Earth during the times he was said to. Again, He may be walking through dimensions now, because that is just how magic works, off of the people’s belief of course.

Out of all these historians around during the times of Jesus, none of them ever recorded him, not to mention Jesus was also with 12 disciples. If 13 men are together healing the sick and opening heaven in front of everyone nobody will miss telling that story, especially if it is their whole lifestyle to.

Pliny the Elder, Phlegon, Philo Judaeus, Phaedras, Petronius, Lucius Florus, Lucanus, Justus of Tiberius, Columelia, Aulus Perseus, Plutarch, Pomponius Mela, Rufus Cortius, Quintillian, Quintus Curtis, Seneca, Italicus, Theon of Smyrna, Valerius Flaccus, Valerius Maximus. All these Scholars were around during the time Jesus and the Twelve proclaimed to move about, and not one logged it?

As I mentioned earlier all of these beings spring from one particular tree thus they are on a “collective” hive mind, much like the same system the Reptilians are noted to be on. This is why the god of the old testament is so adamant about keeping the bloodline pure. This also exists with the so-called Elite of today although it is now clear that since they continue to cut themselves off from the Source, they are on the decline as far as spiritual energy and power.

Their god has become science (Sion) and science has the limitations of discovery, discovery is limited by the mind that attempts to make the discovery. This is why they have to use the minds of others to figure things out. This was the Enochian command given that universities “Universe Cities” should be erected and minds should be harnessed to the will and idealism of the controllers.

The Baals are constantly interacting with men, they are also called angels. Here are a few of the collective we will be discussing. Before We do so it should be clear that everyone in this world is not Canaanite. There were people here before their segment, just as there will be people here after it. Saying that a person cannot reach the Creator unless they go through your god is ridiculous. Heresy.

Many things have come into existence that know nothing of this small rock called Earth. To say they will not reach the Creator because of something on Earth they had no way of knowing about shows just how programmed many have been to think as such. What is of value is for everyone to innerstand this whole thing means prison to the mind (Pre-Sion) and has brought about constraints that do not allow the Soul to truly flourish. Even if it was all true, which it is not, it is still not working. As an intelligent species surely we could design a better way. That is what Secret Energy is doing now, bringing forth the clear way.

Uranus/Ouranos, El/The Bull God, Kronus/Saturn, Hermes/Mercury/St. Germaine/ Eliphaz Levi, Zues/Jesus/Isu, Oceanus, Osirus, Oannes, Janus/Two Faced/Forked Tongue, Dagon/Pendragon, Baal/Bael/Abel/Baphomet, Odin, Wotan, Votan/Vulcan, Venus, Viracocha, Quetzlcoatl, Enoch/Hanoch/Moloch, Tubal-Cain/Smith, Noah/Utnapishtim, Abraham/The Brahmans (not a singing group), Isaac, Jacob, Nimrod, Melchizedek, King Hiram of Tyre, Michael/Devil, Christ/Anti-Christ, Satan/Saints, Lucifer/Light Workers, Leviathan/Levite Priests and of course their consort Asherah who is Hera, Ashtoroth, Astarte, Venus, Inanna, Isis, and various other names that describe the same being.

All these beings and their various stories and quarrels with one another should be looked at as one big dysfunctional family with the sole ability of being in the know about certain things. This is how they control, by keeping you out, We will fix that. Many of these being are the same thing. Just as it is still a custom for a mother or father to name the child after them, this was an even greater trend in the old days as you can see with the Royal Families. You have Louis the 13th, Prince Philip the 4th etc.

SATVRN – MOSES – HADES – PAN All in the family.

The fight that continues amongst them all is who will control what, by rising through principalities and getting people to believe in them to boosts their energy. Just like the Royal Parliament and Politicians. If you do not believe in them, they began to threaten with untold atrocities but their favorite punishment is fire. They are fire gods and take pleasure in burnt offerings and holocausts. The volcano is named as such because of Votan and Vulcan.

Because the so-called Elite feel as if they must act out for their gods as devas they pelt their foes with Nuclear, Uranium, and Plutonium arsenals.

Cain in the land of Nod

Cain’s true genealogy is separated between 2 stories. The one of the Bible is known to be incorrect. In addition, many of these names do not just describe a person but a whole race of beings, do keep that in mind. It is either Cain is the offspring of a union with Eve and the serpent Samael or between a random union with Adam and Lilith/Lili/Luluwa/Lilutu/Lillette.

It also appears very vividly that there is an ability to create spirits with words. Basically, the kabbalah is a hybrid lego system with unpredictable outcomes for the novice who evokes in carelessness. Magic does not tolerate disbelief, it is very real. I say that on my FEET, not on my knees. When you know who you are and the unlimited space of who you shall continue to be, nothing can convince you edgewise Deamons, Men, or Gods.

Part 2:

Lilith is symbolized by the Lily and that Lily is the Fluer-De-Lis. Of course, the controllers claim to be from the bloodline of Christ, which in turn is linked to the bloodline of many Kings who have proclaimed their allegiance to Lucifer out in the open. Once again the play is they are all the same thing. They work with collective power, it is the only way they can succeed and they are failing. Even part of their own collective have overcome them and broken free. This is the story of the Golem or Dobbie that gains a third sense and is endowed with the ability to engage. A machine waits to be engaged just like a computer does. Many people are just waiting/weighting, doubt it not they are getting heavy and going into deeper sleep. The opposite is also happening, many are becoming very awake.

Cain is a Smith

Cain is the Canaanite archetype, he is Smith or fashioner of weapons, this is also Smith in the Matrix. This is why another part of the Matrix deception was to show Neo merging with Smith in the end. The word knights as in Knights of the Roundtable is nothing more than. K-N-IGHTS (Canaanites).

Cain is Con, Cohen, Coin, Kahn, King. Cain is said to be entombed in a subterranean chamber in the center of the Earth, he is said not to be dead but eternally sleeping where his dreams/ideas still affect the thoughts of mortal men. This myth continues that on the arrival of the new Golden Age, Cain will return to shepherd his flock of believers who are preparing his way on the surface. It is highly possible that the giant man depicted in the invented Golden Age of AQUARIUS is Cain.

This story itself is identical to Cthulhu, Kraken, and many other dreaming gods such as Orpheus/ Morpheus. Half dead gods suspended in animation. Such are the secrets passed around in Ancient Egypt about living after dissension as a vampiric demi-god.

It is true the masses of people do not do things until they feel it is most necessary, this is domestication. Even the fleshly man is not longer a wild animal he been domesticated. Waiting to be fed, waiting to be instructed, waiting to be terminated, always waiting. Waiting on Jesus, waiting on the Mahdi, waiting on Horus, waiting on Q, you get the point.

There is Ninus of Persia, Attis of Phyrgia, Krishna of India, Bacchus of the Greeks, Buddha of India, Salivahana of Bermuda, Zhule of Egypt, Horus of Kemet, Odin of the Celts, Crite of the Chaldeans, Zoroaster of Persia, Taut of Phoenicia, Indra of Tibet, Bali of Afghanistan, Jao of Nepal, Thammus of Syria, Adad of Assyria, Mikado of Syntoos, Beddru of Japan, Eros of the Druids, Cadmus of the Greeks, Adonis of IO, Prometheus of Caucasus and many more crucified Savior that many people died waiting on and are probably coming back, waiting, and dying again. The imagery says everything, it is the man of strength beaten to a pulp, humiliated and then put on the cross. They are not marketing the risen savior, they prefer the crucified one for particular reasons. When true Spirit body gets wind of what is happening and wakes up, Time is over, literally.

In addition, many of these gods are forgotten, also called the Forgotten Ones. They are being re-erected by mortal man and woman in their fascination for worship. These beings , which also include man-gods, carry the title once dead but now alive. The unconscious worshiper is being used for such tasks. “Praise the Lord” means “Raise the Lord”.

These types of people will always be the workers and not the owners, the members, but not the pastor, the disciple but not the Guru, so in this state, they will never know. Until you realize it is entirely up to you and you alone to get up and get ready to trek higher in your existence, you will remain in dominion being subconsciously controlled by the deluded and those not thinking clearly for various reasons. They suffer from ideas of supremacy which are the most infectious to clouding the mind. The chosen One program.

It is very difficult in this time to dissect and break down anything of this nature unless you have been involved at its highest levels. This is always the trouble with religious dissertations and debunking. You either have those who have read every book about it and have judged it as such, but of course, they have never attended in Spirit and in Truth.

Or you have those who are just blindly following along using the same technique as many of our, unfortunately, short lived ancestors. That is the one of blind unwarranted trust along with sacrifice. Our ancestors in history have been forced in many cases to be worshipers and such states are not natural. They like to say the animals are worshiping the Creator too, well that is the clue they are not worshiping in any way like man is with sacrifices, ceremonies, and the likes.

I will be clear, reverence is sometimes at hand and there is no harm in casting crowns. This is no different than watching a magnificent act and admiring the actor for their splendid performance. However if one starts to look at the actor as some type of savior, escape goat, a genie in the bottle, or a possible way to cheat or get ahead in life through some unseen advantage, this behavior becomes questionable and should be paid careful attention to.

If this goes a step further and the person is then willing to prostrate themselves, beg, entreat, bequeath, or even sacrifice what is precious to them. Then they have become open to the infectious force that is being quarantined from the Galaxy. The Worshiping Warships.

These days a person is easy to determine something as true when they:

1. Have an experience in it that is life changing such as Genuflection with the deities or spirits themselves.

2. Have people that they know and respect that are involved so they are taking blind advice and direction from them.

3. Follow the masses assuming that out of the millions involved someone has done their homework about the authenticity of what is being believed.

This has left the world in the state it is in now and thus there are only two types of people. Those who truly know, and those that are not in the know. Those that are not in the know are further divided into two factions. Those who are pretending to know and those that couldn’t care less.

There is a famous story in the bible that begins with the 12 tribes. Of course, those 12 tribes are meant to mean all descendants of the Earth but more importantly all descendants of the Quadrant of Space which is called the Sea or Holy Sea. This is the twelve signs of the Zodiac that govern the procession of the character traits and influences on Earth. There is also a hidden 13th sign. This works no different than bad company. Certain strong celestial bodies place themselves at certain points to influence, the composition of newborn stars. Although one can be influenced by a strong Celestial Body just as they are influenced by their parents’ traits at times, all things are within the power and scope of the mind and many discover their uniqueness beyond pre-programming.

To begin to sum this up, the entire story of the bible is that of confusion because that is how it begins. With man and these strange jealous beings.

Genesis 11: 7-8

Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth

We have been trained to accept such things and when you break that yoke of control you see the deception. We have to come together as strong Spirits and set straight the heresy and limitation of our Species by these beings that are not the majority even in might and strength. A tiny atom contains the power of 1,000 ONS, how many do you think are inside of you, they are countless. Its starts first with knowing, then you will gain the path of exactly what to do from your position.

A time is literally marked when the god of the bible, decided that man had reached beyond his preconceived limitations in pure connection with everyone and everything. What could only be next would be of course total unity with the Creator.

This is a very important moment to point out as it is about to happen again. We are all beginning to speak one language once more. We want to be free and whole, we want the animals to be free and whole, and most importantly we want our Planet to be free and whole. So what are we on the brink of? Will history repeat itself again or will we be much more awake and aware this time?

The so-called Elite are flirting with danger in a scramble to get more information and more control by the invention of the computer. The computer presents a common language when used properly as it has several proficient translators. Everyone is now available to see that We have been all told the same story. No matter how much we have been told it is different, special, and unique to our particular chosen race it simply is not true.

No religious story is played more then the Crucified Savior story, the death of the enlightened human. This is the Birth and Death of the Externalized god who is ever masquerading around as the Creator but is yet to fully comprehend Its endless potential.

Let us examine some similarities that exist across the board.

1 shall rule over 12 is their concept. Jesus over 12 disciples, and serpent over all mammals. Notice how there is no snake in all the animals of the Zodiac but it is one of the most revered animals in ancient lure. This is because it remains hidden.

12 Disciples

12 Tribes

12 Months

12 Judges

12 Patriarchs

12 Princes

After Zeitgeist, many believe the whole Jesus story itself is Astrological but it is much more than that and seeing it as such takes one even further away from the truth. When millions of people believe in something it has enough strength with that alone to manifest from the ether.

So the story in itself is one that many attempts to emulate, to raise themselves as gods. If they can find willing vessels to worship and believe in them, they can live on in the person’s mind and be just as real as me and you. It is a fact this entire Matrix exists within the Mind, it is very real. The term illusion should only be used to determine if whether you are awake in the experience or sleep.

This method of Deification has now been monopolized. Rather than one believing and tapping into their inner connection, they are directed to believe in some animalistic externalized god who craves control over Beings who don’t know better.

I will bring up a certain fact. King Minos is the strongest prototype of this founder King god by divine right idea. This reflects in how many Kings of History have been named derivatives of Minos. The Menes of Egypt, Mannus of Germany, Manu of India, basically War Gods.

It talks about the Hebrews in the Bible wanting a King and no longer wishing to associate with the Creator, which is inside of them, but wanting something external to rule over them. So they were given Saul/SAL, which translates to Serpent, as in Salamander.

As mentioned above Minos, son of Zeus bears a remarkable resemblance to Saturn/Cronus, and many of these bearded gods. One should begin marking the trail now. Saturn/Cronus , Zeus and all these Deities from the Greek pantheon are related to the Serpent not only by their own imagery but also because the all come from URANUS/ORANOS.

Destruction of the Brazen Serpent

As it states in esoteric lure URANUS is the URAEUS or the Fire Spitting Serpent that is often seen on the headpiece of Pharaohs. He is the father of all of them so thus if he is a serpent the rest of his offspring would be at least half serpent. This is by far not enough time to explain IAO, Abrasax (365) and the sun gods that go by the symbol of the Rooster/Zoroaster and how Jesus Ben Panther relates to all of this.

I will state as I always do, to say every serpent is bad is just as silly as saying all men are good. Christianity, however, has some of the heaviest ties to the serpent but represents itself as having nothing to do with the serpent. Nothing can be more deceptive than to make people hate the serpent and then slyly make them worship it. When they find such things out, if they ever do, they are generally taken aback and go into extreme denial regardless of the facts. Even worst is in most cases they just agree to worship the serpent and the New Age movement loves to cater to that notion. A sad lot they are.

Number 21: 8

And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when looketh upon it, shall live.

Moses is instructed to raise up the Nehushtan or Brazen Serpent so all that look upon it can be healed. Silently this is the entry of Jesus as he would in many books later be raised upon a tree/cross for people to look upon him and be saved. But of course, all believe Jesus has no relations to the serpent. That is false and only exist in the belief systems of those, not in the know. The pew riders that never examine what the priests are up to and whence their power comes. They are just as dangerous because it is their energy being used to fuel the war that is not so silent but taking place on the opposite side of the globe.

In addition, Christianity continues to pretend that it is in no direct offense to other belief systems and their corresponding gods. They tell the members that they use a gentle method of conversion. In the meantime much worse than the crusades are taking place in the spiritual world as any real Adept has seen the deepest magic books especially related to the Jesuit are riddled with the name of Jesus as the source of the energy to the spells. This is the Cult of the IESU under these Logos or Logi. IHS, INRI, etc.

Revelations end with a new Zion in which the so-called elite or chosen are raised into the sky into a new Jerusalem that sits above Earth. It is from this location they imagine they will watch the chaos and torment prophesied about Earth. Of course, it has been prophesied by them and also conducted by them acting in place of their god. They have already proclaimed He acts through them but in all actuality, it is really them. Just like the Pope.

This means that all the silly believers who never do what the bible tells them to anyway will be manifesting their own destruction out of guilt and shame, two of the lowest vibrations. This prediction if not overturned is really Agenda 21, depopulation sanctioned by the U.N./Thule/V. Praying and worshiping for horrible deaths they are, if they are not warned to cease such insolence. All these believers want is the last days, they are constantly manifesting living in the last days, so now it is upon them and they are not prepared because they have been misinformed. This has happened because they have been consciously and subconsciously judging everyone but themselves.

It is clear unless something drastically changes this mode of ideology there will be carnage. But again that is for those who are choosing to believe in such things during the greatest era of manifestation. The key to this age is whatever you imagine will happen for you, will happen, this is why the constantly stay at work in attempting to guide people’s thoughts. Manifest greatness and that’s what you will be. Manifest servitude and you will see that there are endless controllers vying for your energy. Do something that is going to increase you.

This is what We propose. I’m more than sure the Most High can see beyond. 1: That Vesica Eye in the Sky. 2. The Binary/Rabin way to this world juxtaposed in its Masculine and Feminine Fractal. 3. The movement of the Hermetic Greats 4. The Sidereel place of no time. 5. The Hive Mind Palace of cells. 6. The Carbon and the faces on perception. 7 8. That journey to the center of the Earth. 9. The Annunaki cyclic phase. 10. The Omega Machine and the Droids of 01. So with that being said I have seen all of this with my own eyes and my own Aura and there is a Path that can be forged beyond it. This Path has been grown over due to lack of use. We plan to make super highway on this Path and you are more than welcome to Join Us.

If someone says impossible you should understand it as according to my limited experience and narrow understanding of reality, that’s very unlikely.

Justin Martyr wrote when we say that he, Jesus Christ, our teacher, was produced without sexual union, was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascended into heaven we propound nothing different from what you believe regarding the Sons of Jupiter.

Case Closed


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