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 Wholeness and Balance Vibrations to all, we are now entering a new phase an thus another Sector of the Innerverse. Our goals are to now make all the knowledge even more cohesive and comprehensive. Join us for a expansive look at secret symbolism, its misinterpretations and true meaning. This will equip you with the tools [...]

That Sugar Addiction

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Always reaching for something sweet ? If you can begin to understand your sugar cravings, you will begin to overcome your sweet tooth. It seems sugar is as addictive as drugs to some people. It must be treated as an addiction as it can be very difficult to wean off of. It seems that when we eat something sweet, we calm our nerves somehow and feel satisfied for a brief moment by this sugar intake. However, too much sugar does not just make us fat, but it also make us sick, as there are no real nutrients that our body can take from excessive amounts of sugar. Here are 3 basic steps you can take in order to cut down and detox from sugar