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Learn from Sevan Bomar the in-depth aspects of how the reality functions and the codes that are used to achieve the results you are looking for on your path to sovereignty. These training courses are conducted live giving you the ability to ask questions and gain answers specific to your unique situation.


Nothing can create more stagnancy and holdups in our expansion than our own misconceptions about ourselves and the reality that we are living in. Spiritechs Personal Development brings clarity to those misconceptions and replaces them with the character and traits needed to not only be successful but also reach fulfillment. In short Spiritechs assists in deprograming old patterns that prevent growth and achievement.


The future is now here and having the ability to set your own schedule and create your office anywhere is now possible. Social media marketing  is the most vital component for all modern businesses and startups. Learning about the most effective productivity tools and how to use them will give you the necessary edge needed to accelerate your career in entrepreneurship.


There are so many moving parts to creating a business that is capable of thriving in the 21st century having a good mentor to give you advice in relation to your Brand is key. Knowing about the Big 3, The Minimalist Approach, and Disruptivism just to name a few can make or break a projection. Sevan Bomar has studied all of these aspects and more and will lend you the advice necessary to avoid pitfalls and dramatically increase the rate of your attainments.

AMBASSADOR TRAINING includes direct mentorship and access to the classes designed for achieving success and fulfillment in life’s most important arenas.

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  • Premium Marketing Materials
  • Pre-Recorded Training Courses
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  • Integrated Support Groups
  • Live Training Classes

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“Knowledge is key but application is the door.”

Sevan Bomar

“The Universe is my University, Earth is just one of my classrooms.”

Sevan Bomar

“Climb your spine, seat yourself in the pineal and grab the Will.”

Sevan Bomar